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Queen Mary Tours & Exhibits

Get an up close and personal look at the Queen Mary with one of our exciting and informative guided tours. From the ship's groundbreaking construction and royal launch as the most luxurious and technologically advanced ocean liner at the time, to her duty as a troopship during WWII, to her golden days of the 1950s, to her earning the nickname, the "haunted ship," the Queen Mary's history is full of action, adventure, romance and paranormal activity. Explore the ship bow to stern, inside and out, and hear unique stories, facts and insights about the Queen Mary with our tour expert guides.


The Glory Days

Delve into the ship's expansive past, including her groundbreaking construction, her time as a troopship during WWII and of course, her glory days as the world's most luxurious and technologically advanced ocean liner.

Haunted Encounters

Ever wanted to know some of the stories and legends regarding the famous hauntings of the Queen Mary? Then the Haunted Encounters Tour is the best place to start. This approximate one hour tour will share many of the more well-known or infamous stories of the paranormal residents that now occupy the legendary ship in a non-scary introduction to the ghostly tales of the Queen Mary.

The Steam and Steel Tour

The Steam and Steel Tour will take guests approximately 25 ' below the water line where they will have a chance to walk through Boiler Rooms 1- 4, as well as the Water Softening Plant and the Turbo-Generator Room 1.

Glory Days Tour - Presented in Spanish

El recorrido histórico de Glory Days explora el extenso pasado del barco, incluidas sus innovadoras construcciones, su época como barco militar durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial y, por supuesto, sus días de gloria como el barco oceánico más lujoso del mundo.

Hollywood Tour

Step into the glitz and glamour of the golden era of cinema as you explore the legendary ocean liner that once hosted Hollywood's elite. Walk the same decks where iconic movie scenes were filmed and soak in the nostalgia of an era filled with red carpets and celebrity soirées. This immersive experience takes you on a journey through time, offering glimpses into the ship's rich history and its role as a floating playground for the stars.

VIP Art Deco Tour

Embark on a dazzling Art Deco tour aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach and journey into the opulent world of this iconic ocean liner. Immerse yourself in the extravagant elegance of the Art Deco era as you explore the intricate details and stylish designs that adorn the ship.

Royal VIP Tour & Afternoon Tea

Indulge in the epitome of luxury with an exclusive Royal VIP tour and Afternoon Tea aboard the Queen Mary Delve into hidden quarters and listen to untold stories of this maritime marvel. After your personalized exploration, luxuriate in the refined tradition of Afternoon Tea amidst the ship's historic charm.

Paranormal Ship Walk

Experience a more haunting side of the Queen Mary after hours. Explore various rooms or compartments seldom seen by the general public while famous stories and legends are shared about some of the past passengers aboard the legendary ocean liner.

While the tour is not meant to scare you, some locations may be too dark for younger guests.

The Grey Ghost Project

The Grey Ghost Project takes a skeptical and evidence based approach to investigating the supernatural. Join us on a 3 hour exploration using the latest tools of the trade and a combination of scientific methods.

57 Ghosts Séance

Join Apparitionist Michael Rangel in an intimate and immersive experience that will bring you face to face with the spirited passed of this historic and haunting ship.


Ship Model Gallery

Combining precision and craftsmanship in an exacting work of art, ship models evoke the fascination that we have for the sea and sea travel.


Few public figures have had more influence on modern political and social life than former British Prime Minister, Winston Spencer-Churchill. Fewer still had an ongoing relationship with the Queen Mary. To commemorate their affinity a new Churchill-themed exhibition has been brought to the Queen Mary.

Shipyard – LEGO® Ship Model

Measuring 26 feet, weighing over 600lbs. And made from 250,000 LEGO bricks, the LEGO Queen Mary brick model ship is a masterpiece to be seen. The model was designed by England’s certified LEGO Builder, Bright Bricks, Inc., to commemorate Britain’s most famous ocean liner.

The Cunard Story

The Cunard Story An exhibition on the Queen Mary, one of the most celebrated Cunard® ocean liners—explores the rich history of the extraordinary company that designed and built more than 150 ships over the past 175 years. Today, Cunard offers the most luxurious and unique cruise experiences available—adventures curated for travelers who savor the world.

Sun Deck/Bridge/Sports Deck

Sports Deck FWD | Daily 10am – 6pm

The nerve center for the entire ship. The BRIDGE includes the WHEELHOUSE, CHART ROOM, SIGNAL BRIDGE, and the DOCKING WINGS. The bridge is about 90 feet above the ship’s waterline.

Sports Deck | Daily 10am – 6pm

The Radio Room houses some of the original equipment used by the Queen Mary during her incredible career. The current radio room features an array of amateur radio equipment which has been used to broadcast communications around the world. Guests walking past the exhibit are likely to have a front-row seat of a real broadcast, as this space has been actively used since 1979.

Promenade Deck

Promenade Deck Main Hall | Daily 2pm – 4pm

Formerly the Austin Reed of Regent Street clothing store (a famous, luxury brand clothier) the Commodore’s Office is now the day room of our ship’s Commodore, Everette Hoard. Much of this space is still very much original and intact. The Commodore’s Office features a number of the ship’s lavish furnishings; as well as some pieces from Commodore’s private collection. Guests are encouraged to stop in for a visit, or even just a photo with Commodore, our Staff Captain, or Chief Officer.

Daily 10am – 6pm

See the ship through the eyes of those who served and sailed aboard her. The Queen Mary Heritage Room features video interviews of former crew members, war brides, and soldiers; all of whom share fond memories of this historic vessel. This rich history is the very foundation of the ship’s enduring legacy.

Promenade Deck Main Hall – Starboard Side | Daily 10am – 6pm

This incredible exhibit features numerous models which showcase The Cunard® Line’s fleet; all the way from the historic RMS Britannia to ships from the current fleet, like the Queen Elizabeth. Undoubtedly, the real showstoppers are the giant, cutaway models of: RMS LusitaniaSS Normandie, and RMS Titanic. These highly detailed, 1/48th models were all lovingly handmade by Father Roberto Pirrone, of Gardena, CA.

Promenade Deck Main Hall – Starboard Side | Daily 10am – 6pm

Features the World’s Largest LEGO ® Model of the Queen Mary. When you’re finished counting all 250,000 LEGO® blocks, see if you can spot the white, LEGO® cat.

Bow FWD | Daily 10am – 6pm

During WWII the ship was outfitted with anti-aircraft weaponry to defend herself. This 40 mm gun is the same type of defensive weapon used onboard; to safely carry nearly a million troops throughout the war.

Promenade Deck Main Hall – Port Side | Daily 10am – 6pm

The Music Room was a place where musicians, entertainers, lecturers, radio personalities and the like could rehearse. This upright piano is original to the ship, however, when the ship was in service a baby grand piano nearly filled this space.

Promenade Deck Main Hall – Starboard Side | Daily 10am – 6pm

The original location of the Cabin or First Class Playroom. There were three playrooms available for the younger set on the Queen Mary. Each had a specific look, but all contained numerous toys that would appeal to both boys and girls. A Stewardess was assigned to oversee the youngsters. She would often gather the little ones and read to them. Play continued until the parents came to collect their children. The original artwork in this display came from the Tourist and Third Class Children’s Playrooms. The furniture is from all three classes.


Daily 10am – 6pm

This is the original Cabin or First-Class travel bureau as it was remodeled after WWII. The desks and chairs are those that were aboard when the ship sailed to Long Beach. Original desk top accessories and copies of brochures have been placed to show what would have been found when a passenger wished to make further travel arrangements. Here one could book another cruise on the Queen Mary or other liners and make train or plane reservations.


A-Deck FWD | Daily 10am – 6pm

The Cunard Story An exhibition on the Queen Mary, one of the most celebrated Cunard® ocean liners—explores the rich history of the extraordinary company that designed and built more than 150 ships over the past 175 years. Today, Cunard offers the most luxurious and unique cruise experiences available—adventures curated for travelers who savor the world.

A-Deck FWD | Daily 10am – 6pm

Fire was a constant concern for “The Ship of Beautiful Woods.” The Fire Station was, not only, the first line of defense to protect the ship, it was also top-of-the-line technology that’s still impressive, even by modern day standards.


B-Deck FWD Portside | Daily 10am – 6pm

A mysteriously vague entry in the ship’s log, dated September 1949, states that a passenger was found dead in his cabin; which is now the hotel room referred to as B340. While no name was given, legends have claimed the victim as “Walter.” There is much lore surrounding Walter and the events that occurred in B340; and many believe that Walter is a vengeful spirit who loves to make his presence known. Reports of strange activity in B340 span from the ship’s days as an ocean liner, to the present day. Perhaps all of the activity is just Walter trying to get someone to listen to his side of the story. If you’re feeling brave enough, ask him yourself. He might just tell you.


Daily 10am – 6pm

Ask just about any paranormal investigator or medium about haunted locations aboard the Queen Mary, and you’ll probably hear many stories about the first-class pool. Why? Many believe this to be the most-haunted room aboard. Whether you hear about the ghost of a little girl named “Jackie” who loves to sing and play hide-and-seek with guests, or legends about this space becoming a “vortex” (whirlpool of energy) which allows spirits to pass between realms, seems like there’s one thing everyone can agree on: this famous Art Deco pool has become one of the most-visited locations on the entire ship.


Visitor’s Center D-Deck Stern | Daily 10am – 6pm

Venture down to the Engine Room and see the very heartbeat of this massive ship! Each of the 2 Engine Rooms contained 2 of the ship’s 4 powerful engines. These steam-powered turbine engines produced 40,000 horsepower a piece! When Queen Mary was speeding across the Atlantic at 28.5 knots, these engines would be turning the ship’s massive propellers 3 times every second! Fans of the paranormal will want to brave the Engine Room's lower level to check out the infamous watertight door 13, where guests often hear a wrench banging against the door.

Visitor’s Center D-Deck Stern | Daily 10am – 6pm

Often described as a virtual floating city, the Queen Mary carried her own fully equipped print shop. Functioning under the direction of the ship’s purser, the print shop provided daily newspapers, programs of activities, and menus for the passengers.

Visitor’s Center D-Deck Stern | Daily 10am – 6pm

The Queen Mary had 4 massive propellers (or screws) to propel her through the waters at incredible speed. Each propeller was driven independently by its own turbine engine and was made of manganese bronze. The first set of propellers each measured 20 feet across and weighed 35 tons; however, these proved to produce too much vibration. The second set, and every set thereafter would consist of propellers that each measured 18.5 feet across, coming in at 32 tons each. The slightly smaller propellers proved much more effective to combat the vibration issue. In all, the Queen Mary would have 22 sets of propellers throughout her 31 years of sailing. Each time a new set would be installed, each of the propellers were so perfectly balanced that you could spin the massive propeller by hand! Visitors of the Propeller Box will be able to see the last remaining propeller on the ship.

Visitor’s Center D-Deck Stern | Daily 10am – 6pm

The Queen Mary had a number of backup systems to keep her functional. Aft Steering shows two redundant systems (one power steering system and one manual) by which the ship could still be steered, if her primary systems became inoperable. Additionally, visitors can also view the 3 massive electric generators, which powered the 2 hydraulic cylinders that pumped back and forth, turning the linkage which drove the rudder from side to side; thus, guiding the ship. The ship’s rudder was 3 stories tall and weighed 140 tons. At the time of its installation, this was the largest rudder ever installed on any ship!

Visitor’s Center D-Deck Stern | Daily 10am – 6pm

Learn about Winston Churchill’s relationship with the Queen which served as his sea borne war room during WWII. It is thought that Churchill traveled aboard the Queen Mary at least 10 times in both war and peace time. This exhibit includes original set pieces from the award-wining film, “Darkest Hours.” It is an in depth look into the person many consider to be the greatest statesman of the 20th century.

Visitor’s Center D-Deck Stern | Daily 10am – 6pm

Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth, created by a ship enthusiast Tom Varney over the past 20 years. These two 8-foot beauties are 3/32” + 1-foot representations of the original liners each made of balsa wood. Walk around these works of art and marvel at these two sisters of the sea.

Transatlantic Vacation aboard the Historic RMS Queen Mary! 

Holiday Voyage December 16-19

Your stay will be filled with fun, history, comradery, and maybe even a haunt or two.  As a Transatlantic Passenger you will have access to programs and areas of the ship that the general public do not have access to. Immerse yourself in the historic vacation of a lifetime. Be sure to read through your itinerary to plan all the things you and your family will do during your stay.  Attend the opening Orientation to learn more and sign-up for activities throughout the week.

We look forward to sharing all the Queen Mary has to offer with you!

Activities Include: Opening Night Dinner | Coffee with the Captain | Unlimited Tours & Exhibits | Discounted Dining | Family Activities | Yoga on the Deck | Movies | Young Officer’s Program & So Much More!

Unlock the Past, Embrace the Present: Come aboard for the ultimate Queen Mary Experience!

Book Now!

Transatlantic Vacation

Daily Activities

Experience an exciting four-day, three-night getaway aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA. Kick off your adventure with a welcome dinner and orientation on Monday evening! On Tuesday, enjoy morning yoga, coffee with the captain, thrilling tournaments, and live music, ending with a costume party. Wednesday brings more fun with walking meditation, a scavenger hunt, afternoon tea and a swing dance competition. Conclude your voyage on Thursday with final awards and a heartfelt farewell, ensuring memories of a lifetime.


Enjoy a welcome dinner included in your package. Additionally, you will receive 20% off at all restaurants onboard the Queen Mary. Indulge in the delightful offerings at the family-friendly Promenade Café and savor the contemporary dishes at Chelsea Chowder House.

For lighter bites and refreshing beverages, visit the Observation Bar, featuring small plates and signature cocktails. For those on the go, the Midship Marketplace provides convenient grab-and-go options and coffee to keep you energized throughout your adventure​. 

Welcome Dinner

Kick off your Transatlantic Vacation aboard the Queen Mary with a lively welcome dinner and fun-filled orientation on your first night! It's the perfect chance to enjoy delicious cuisine, refreshing drinks, and make new friends as you embark on an unforgettable adventure together.

Young Officers Program

Exclusive to the Transatlantic Vacation: The Young Officer Program aboard the Queen Mary Transatlantic Vacation is an exciting adventure for young participants, featuring fun activities like a Bridge orientation, hands-on training at the Promenade Bell, and earning merits by exploring the ship's exhibits. The journey culminates in a thrilling final awards ceremony and initiation, making it an unforgettable voyage filled with learning and adventure.

Original Art Deco Rooms

Whether it's the authentic polished wood paneling, the original 1930's artwork, the Art Deco style or the operable porthole(s), there's no question that the Queen Mary Hotel is unlike any other Southern California hotel. Each stateroom is unique with its own personality and offers a real glimpse into what transatlantic travel was like during the 30's, 40's and 50's. With an impressive history and tradition of excellence, the Queen Mary Hotel is more than a place to rest one's head - it's an experience.


Available Passes (as of 6/1/24) Price

General Admission - Daily
9:00 am – 8:00 pm

Includes choice of (1) guided tour frm the following: Glory Days, Haunted Encounters, Steam & Steel, and Hollywood. 

Access to 20+ exhibits, restaurants, bars, and shopping.

$45 Adult

$35 Child
Off-Hours Admission - Daily
Between 6:30 am – 9:00 am and 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Includes access to select exhibits, restaurants, and bars.
$10 All Ages
Paranormal Ship Walk Tour - Daily
Evening Start Times

Includes (1) Paranormal Ship Walk guided tour and access to select exhibits, restaurants, bars, and shopping.

Not recommended for children under 13.
$69 Adult
Grey Ghost Project & 57 Ghosts Séance
Friday - Sunday

Includes (1) immersive experience and access to select exhibits, restaurants, bars, and shopping.

Not recommended for children under 13.
Starting at $75 Adult

*Prices are subject to change


Summer Community Events

Join us for our summer events onboard the Queen Mary! Take advantage of the longer, warmer days with free re-occurring monthly events through September.

Night Market

The Queen Mary Night Market is about bringing the community and local businesses together. Great for a family night out, date night, or a hang out destination with friends of all ages. Guests can enjoy different food types and tastes from various chef extraordinaire, do a little shopping with pop-up boutiques, relax and hang out, drink a cocktail in the beer garden, and listen to live music from local artists and bands.  

Free Admission with Reservation.


Make a Reservation

Movie Nights

The Queen Mary invites the community to come out once a month for the Queen Mary Movie Nights: Summer Series! Now through September, do not miss an opportunity to enjoy a themed outdoor movie night under the stars with close friends and family. 

Free Admission with Reservation.


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Observation Bar Weekly Events

There's so many reasons to gather at Observation Bar and unwind in a legendary setting. Complimentary ship admission, discounted parking, delicious drinks, and waterfront views await: Meet Me at The Mary themed evenings on Tuesdays, karaoke nights on Wednesdays, and KJAZZ live jazz and blues on Thursdays. No reservation required.

On Fridays, leave work early! Start your weekend by joining us for Margarita on The Mary from 1pm–4pm! Embrace the warm sun on the deck and enjoy beautiful city views while sipping our famous signature margaritas and tacos and swaying to the beat of the steel drums. Complimentary ship admission with reservation. Don’t miss out!

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What's on Deck Calendar

From live music shows to signature ship-wide events, experience all of the additional exciting activities and offerings happening on the iconic Queen Mary all year round.

More Info

Queen Mary Heritage Foundation Membership

The Queen Mary Heritage Foundation (QMHF) is an officially recognized 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization dedicated to the historic preservation, advocacy, and education of this historic landmark.

Annual memberships include a host of benefits for year-round enjoyment while contributing to the ship's restoration.

Purchase A Membership

Tourist Class Membership

Annual Cost | $150

Membership Benefits:

- Unlimited admission for cardholder
- Two (2) Day Passes (General admission tickets) per year
- Hotel guest pricing for Tour/Exhibit/Attractions tickets
- 24-hour presale on Queen Mary Signature Events
- Discounted ticket pricing during presale for Signature Events

Membership Holders:

- All member benefits for one cardholder
- All member card holders are to be designated upon membership purchase.
- If cardholders are to lose their card, they will have to pay a fee to replace the lost card, with the account being associated with phone or email.
- Blackout dates apply

Opportunities to donate as a non-member are also available.

Make A Donation

For Existing Members

Starting July 31, 2023 funds and existing memberships will transition to the Queen Mary Heritage Foundation (QMHF). New cards will be sent out to current members automatically, and membership status for current members will be active upon receiving their new card without needing to renew.

With the official recognition as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, The Queen Mary Heritage Foundation is now eligible to receive tax-deductible donations. This new status provides an invaluable opportunity for supporters to contribute to the organization's mission. As the transition to the new foundation finalizes, the newly established non-profit will work with existing members to also receive this benefit.

With the foundation receiving 501(c)(3) status, the new QMHF organization aims to broaden its outreach, expand existing programs, and explore innovative projects that align with its core mission to continue to restore, preserve and present the Queen Mary, its archival collection and educational areas that focus on the sciences.


For additional information on the Queen Mary Heritage Foundation, contact