The Grey Ghost Project

Paranormal Investigations Aboard the RMS Queen Mary

The Grey Ghost Project takes a skeptical and evidence based approach to investigating the paranormal.  Using the latest tools of the trade, the project uses a combination of scientific methods to gather data and documentation for evidence of the supernatural.

We invite you to join us in our search.

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Queen Mary Paranormal Investigations

Your ticket to join an investigation will allow you to come along on a 3 hour exploration of the haunts and history of the RMS Queen Mary. You will join one of our resident researchers on their quest to document evidence of the paranormal onboard in some of the most supernaturally active locations, as well as areas restricted to normal day guests and tours.

In each location you will learn the legends and lore of the place while participating in interactive experiments that seek to document evidence of paranormal activity. Each investigation is documented by video and audio recording devices in order to create a cohesive record of the experiences encountered, and you will be provided access to a digital copy of your investigation upon its completion.

The Grey Ghost Project is not a theatrical or haunt experience, but a continuous scientific exploration and investigation of the paranormal.  As such, The Grey Ghost Project can not offer any guarantee that any paranormal activity will be captured, recorded, or experienced on your investigation. (The ghosts aren't on the payroll.)

The Grey Ghost Project will provide all of the required equipment for your use on the investigation. You are welcome to bring your own investigative equipment along for your personal use, however their implementation on the investigation is up to the discretion of the resident researcher conducting your experience. The use of Ouija Boards, Pendulums, and Dowsing Rods are NOT permitted.

Participation in an investigation requires a sober and serious mind. Any person deemed to be intoxicated, disruptive, or disrespectful will be removed from the investigation without refund.