The RMS Queen Mary is said to be one of the most haunted locations in the world; you cannot set foot aboard without hearing one of her many tales of paranormal occurrences. The Revenant Room and the infamous Rope Locker are no exception and are key areas that guest will investigate during Voyage to the Other Side. Since Aiden Sinclair's theatrical séance, Illusions of the Passed, began in September of 2018, activity has increased dramatically within these spaces. Sightings of apparitions, voices being heard, and even guests feeling as though they have been touched have been reported.

Perhaps activity has picked up in these areas due to guests venturing into this space more frequently. Maybe something about the theatrical séance has opened up the minds of many guests and have allowed for the activity to be noticed a little more. Or is it something else? Whatever the cause, Senter Stage Events is now hosting a recurring paranormal investigation onboard the Queen Mary in these specific areas to find out who (or what) is gracing patrons with their presence.

Every month, join the finest paranormal investigators as they conduct research aboard the Queen Mary and take an interactive approach with guests. In addition to gathering evidence, you will also learn true methods of paranormal investigating with Resident Host Chad Lindberg and a celebrity guest each month. 

Don’t wish for it to end there? Join us the following morning for the Evidence Review Sunday Brunch with Chief Perley*. Here you will enjoy a delicious brunch bountiful with selections, and discuss your experiences from the night before and learn more of the ship’s haunted history.



  • 1:00pm - 3:00pm:
    • Meet and Greet & Lecture in the Revenant Room
    • 10:30pm:
      • The Revenant Room Doors Open
    • 10:45pm - 12:45pm:
      • Paranormal Investigation with the Investigator(s) of the month!

    Optional Experiences

    • Saturday 
      • Meal voucher for Chelsea Chowder House*
        • Valid between 5PM - 10PM
        • Meal voucher value of $42.00
        • Tax or gratuity not included.
      • History Tour*
        • 9:15PM - 10:15PM
        • Delve into the ship's expansive past, learn about her time as a troopship during WWII and of course, her glory days as the world's most luxurious and technologically advanced ocean liner.
    • Sunday
      • Sunday Brunch in the Grand Salon*
        • Begins at 11:30AM
      • Ghost Investigation Evidence review Brunch with Chief Perley*
        • 11:30am - 12:30pm

    *Addition cost apply
    Tours subject to availability
    Attendees must be at least 12 yrs. old to attend
    Please wear comfortable clothing, we even sit on the floor when necessary!
    NO stilettos or open-toed shoes allowed.
    Ghost hunt area does not have wheelchair or elevator access.



    In partnership with the Queen Mary, Senter Stage Events Presents: Voyage To The Other Side: An Ongoing Paranormal Investigation

    Upcoming Show:June 22

    Chad Lindberg & Chris Fleming

    Chad Lindberg is an actor who continually works in both film & television. He plays “Ash” the loveable super genius on CW’s hit SUPERNATURAL, as well as is known for his roll as "Jesse" in THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS. Lindberg found a way to put his passion & his Paranormal Investigation skills to the test as the co-host of Destination America's paranormal reality show GHOST STALKERS & can currently be found leading fans on ghost hunts across the country on Paranormal Investigations.

    Chris Fleming is an internationally known paranormal investigator, medium and spiritual consultant who has been investigating the supernatural since his childhood. For over 45 years, Chris has been using his sixth sense to read people, predict events and communicate with the afterlife.


    Past Investigators

    Grant Wilson

    Grant S. Wilson has been actively involved in all types of paranormal investigation since his first intense encounter with the paranormal at age 15. He has paved the way for much of the modern field through his work with the group The Atlantic Paranormal Society (T.A.P.S) which he co-founded many years ago. His unique level-headed approach to the field caught the attention of the world through the top-watched cable show Ghost Hunters, which he produced along with Ghost Hunters International.

    Scott Porter & Doogie McDougal

    Scott ”Porter” is best known for being the Profiler, Historian, and Co-Owner of the Tennessee Wraith Chasers franchise. He has also appeared on, and won, the Old South Pittsburg Hospital episode of Travel Channel’s Paranormal Challenge.

    Steven "Doogie" McDougal has 20 plus years as an investigator and lecturer in the paranormal. Doogie is also Co-Founder/Owner of the Tennessee Wraith Chasers as seen on Destination America and "Travel Channel's Haunted Live, Most Haunted Towns, Haunted Towns, Ghost Asylum, Ghostland Tennessee, Exorcism Live, and Paranormal Challenge.