Plan Your Dream Outdoor Wedding

Enjoy the perfect Southern California weather with the outdoor wedding of your dreams aboard the legendary Queen Mary, an LGBT friendly venue. Choose from our stunning outdoor Sun Deck Gazebo, the regal Verandah Deck or the unique Sports Deck.

Indoor Weddings In Long Beach

Warm, intimate, and very private, the Queen Mary Royal Wedding Chapel sets the standard for traditional weddings. Elegantly appointed with ornate fixtures and furnishings, the Royal Wedding Chapel has an air of classic sophistication and historical reverence not found at other wedding chapels. Unique yet still traditional, the Royal Wedding Chapel's regal decor and tender ambiance will make any couple feel like a prince and princess.


Up to 150 guests


Promenade Deck, Stern

Affordable Weddings Aboard The Queen Mary

With 14 Art Deco ballrooms and salons, the Queen Mary has an abundance of memorable venues for weddings of nearly any size and scope. In addition to 14 Art Deco ballrooms and salons, the Queen Mary, an LGBT friendly venue, also offers additional venues for smaller, affordable, intimate weddings (up to 50 guests). If there is a location on the ship where you'd like to have your ceremony, please let us know. We're happy to work with you to ensure you have the wedding of your dreams.

Well Deck

A hidden gem aboard the Queen Mary, the Well Deck is an intimate outdoor venue featuring dazzling ocean views in a nautical setting. Located on the bow of the ship, the Well Deck will make any bride and groom feel like the King and Queen of the world.


Up to 50 guests


Main Deck, Bow


Enjoy sweeping Pacific Ocean views from the open-air bridge and have your wedding ceremony inside the Queen Mary's original Wheelhouse. During the ship's heyday, this was where the Captain and Crew steered the ship across the Atlantic. Expertly restored for an authentic look and feel, the Wheelhouse is as unique a wedding venue as the Queen Mary herself.


Up to 20 guests


Sports Deck, Bow

Successful Multi-Cultural Weddings in Long Beach

The Queen Mary has been host to a variety of unique and ethnically diverse weddings in Southern California for over 70 years. Steeped in history and tradition, there's no better venue for a multi-cultural wedding than the Queen Mary.

Indian Weddings

Full of energy, excitement, and tradition, Indian weddings aboard the Queen Mary are lavish and unforgettable affairs. With large open spaces, the Queen Mary has the room to accommodate an Indian Wedding of any size. in fact, we've even hosted grand Indian Weddings, which featured the groom riding in on an elephant. The Queen Mary Gazebo is an ideal location for the Manap and the Gnipradiskshan fire ceremony. Let your imagination run wild and have the wedding of your dreams aboard the Queen Mary.

Persian Weddings

Persian weddings aboard the Queen Mary are full of ritual, tradition, and religious reverence. Choose from one of our stunning traditional indoor venues for your Sofre, or enjoy the beautiful Southern California weather for the outdoor wedding of your dreams.

Hispanic Weddings

Hispanic weddings aboard the Queen Mary are joyful occasions full of traditional customs, family, and friends. Our Southern California location gives us the unique advantage of having thrown hundreds of Mexican and Hispanic weddings over the years. The Royal Wedding Chapel is the ideal wedding ceremony location for a traditional Roman Catholic wedding, while our outdoor spaces offer plenty of room for large receptions.

Other Multi-Cultural Weddings

With over 70 years of successful wedding planning experience, the Queen Mary has hosted weddings of nearly every size and scope for various cultures and ethnicities. Whether you are having a traditional Chinese wedding with nine courses or a Jewish wedding with a traditional Chuppah, the Queen Mary has the perfect venue to match your needs.

Other Multi-Cultural Wedding Services Provided:

  • Outside catering welcome
  • Choose between the Grand or Britannia Salon
  • Outdoor Gazebo is perfect for an Indian wedding Mandap, Persian wedding Sofreh, or Jewish Wedding Chuppah
  • 314 original Staterooms and Suites for the bridal party and guests
  • Experienced staff in providing you the support that you need in arranging all your wedding activities