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Follow the Building of The Ice Kingdom

November 15

Finishing touches to the ice rink.

Everybody loves penguins...

...and pandas and lions!

The Queen Mary is ready for her maiden voyage into The Ice Kingdom.

Only 1 day left until the opening of CHILL!

November 14

Welcome to The Ice Kingdom!

"Silent night...holy night..."

Enchanting doesn't do it justice. Pure magic.

November 13

All aboard the Queen Mary!

Santa's elves are hard at work getting ready for their big day.

Take a stroll through a magical frozen forest unlike any other.

November 12

The mighty panda stands guard in front of the Ice Cave.

Our winter wonderland is near completion.

The ice tubing ramp goes up.

November 9

Bow before The Ice Kingdom Snow Queen!

That wreath is going to need one giant door.

Dolphins love the Queen Mary.

November 8

Some ice carvings require fine precision.

Some require a chainsaw!

The icy stare of concentration.

November 7

Transporting the massive Queen Mary mast.

Ten days until Chill and The Ice Kingdom opens...the crew is fast at work.

Are you ready for a yuletide glide on our ice skating rink?

November 6

Take the helm and enter a land of frozen enchantment.

Utilizing handmade tools, the crew finalizes the details on the giant whale.

As the sun sets over the igloo, the work on Chill continues.

November 5

The grand archway into the Fairytale Castle.

"O Little Town of Bethlehem"

It may be 85 degrees now, but in 12 days this will be an ice rink.

November 2

Don't worry, this bulls icy horns are harmless.

The purple whale is coming along swimmingly.

And a big bow on top!

November 1

Santa Claus is coming to town!

With so much ice there's hardly any room to move.

A larger than life teddy bear is the stuff of any kid's dreams!

October 31

It's beginning to snow inside the igloo!

Full steam ahead on the Queen Mary.

Creating frozen animals requires a lot of precision and attention to detail.

October 30

Camels in California? No winter wonderland would be complete without a nativity scene.

So much little time. Work on The Ice Kingdom is starting to intensify.

Do you recognize this chilly creation? Let's call this Job #534 Part II.

October 29

The enchanting fairytale castle is larger-than-life.

Laying the groundwork for the icy Queen Mary decks.

Our frozen swan is getting ready to take flight!

October 26

The Nativity scene and the Toyland are starting to take shape! Who would've thought that ice could look cute and cuddly?

October 25

Bring on more ice! The horse-drawn carriage is getting color while the slide is almost ready for action.

October 23

Work is continuing on the ice slide, the horse-drawn carriage, as well as the wreath. All are coming along very nicely!

October 19

The colored ice is untouched, but construction on the massive frozen Queen Mary begins, while the penguins are already taking shape.

October 17

The ice for CHILL arrives!