Royal Rendezvous

July 4th, 2019

Estimated Arrival 8:30 PM

Guests wanting to experience the Royal Rendezvous must have a ticket to the All-American 4th of July Celebration.

On Thursday, July 4 the Queen Mary will be visited by Cunard's newest ocean liner and The Queen Mary's sea-going "niece", the Queen Elizabeth. The original Queen Elizabeth was the sister-ship to Queen Mary and together made over 2000 trans-Atlantic voyages when in active service for Cunard. From 1947 to 1967 the glorious sisters, Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth, crisscrossed the North Atlantic on their appointed schedules, many times sighting one another in mid-ocean. 

This Royal Rendezvous marks only the fifth time in over three decades that another Cunard ship has visited the legendary Queen Mary, and the third time these sister ships have crossed paths since 1967 (when the original Queen Elizabeth was still in commission). 

The Queen Mary once served as Cunard's most famous ship. In recognition of that auspicious history, Captain Inger Thorhauge and over two thousand Queen Elizabeth passengers will make a rare harbor visit - July 4 - to salute the iconic Queen Mary and draw attention to a new visitor attraction, The Cunard Story, set to open on the Queen Mary the following day.


Historic Cunard Ship Meetings

It was early morning September 25, 1967, when the retiring Queen Mary, making her final trans-Atlantic voyage in the Cunard Service, passed her sister ship – the original Queen Elizabeth. Between 1947 and 1967 the two majestic ocean liners crisscrossed the Atlantic Ocean dozens of times, but this time was different. This time was special. As the two historic Queens closed in on each other, both captains stood at the bridge in attention while the mighty whistle of each ship pierced through the autumn air. Realizing they were witnessing history and an end of an era, they stood and saluted. That cold September morning on the Atlantic Ocean would be the final time the two beloved ships would cross paths, before the Queen Mary was permanently docked in Long Beach.


Over the decades there have only been a few occasions where fellow Cunard ocean liners would sail by and visit the ship that started it all.

  • Early 1980's – Cunard Princess makes a stop in Long Beach to say "hello" to the Queen Mary.
  • 2006 – Cunard's flagship, the Queen Mary 2, meets her namesake, the original RMS Queen Mary.
  • 2011 – Queen Victoria visits her older sister, the Queen Mary, before heading back to Southampton via the Panama Canal.
  • 2013 – Queen Elizabeth visits the Queen Mary. 
  • 2015 – Queen Elizabeth visits the Queen Mary marking the first time a Cunard liner docked and disembark passengers in the Long Beach harbor.

We welcome Cunard Line's newest ocean liner, the 90,000 ton namesake Queen Elizabeth, to rendezvous with the Queen Mary in Long Beach Harbor and rewrite history once again.

Guests wanting to experience the Royal Rendezvous must have a ticket to the All-American 4th of July Celebration.