Ham Radio Day aboard the Queen Mary

Ham Radio Day aboard the Queen Mary

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Join us aboard on Saturday, December 14th for Radio Ham Day. Guests will have the opportunity to make on-air contacts, operate a ham radio in the wireless room, see satellite radio demonstrations and learn more about the Queen Mary's radio room and our onboard station, W6RO. FREE general admission to the Queen Mary will be offered to the guest who presents a valid amateur radio license at the box office.

"Satellite Guy" Patrick Stoddard WD9EWK will demonstrate amateur radio via orbiting satellites, making contacts with other hams around the country and sharing his craft with tourists. Satellite ham radio makes use of satellites in orbit, operating on amateur radio frequencies, to make contacts with other hams as the satellites pass overhead. Over 90 amateur radio satellites have been placed in orbit since 1961. The International Space Station has an amateur radio station on board, and Patrick may be lucky enough to catch an astronaut on free time to make a quick contact.

Amateur radio go-kits are transportable packages containing radio equipment that can be set-up and placed into operation quickly. They contain power sources, connections for antennas, perhaps even a computer for station control and messaging. A ham with a well-designed go-kit can go just about anywhere and quickly set-up an operating amateur radio station in support of radio contests or emergency needs.

Our sponsor club, the Associated Radio Amateurs of Long Beach, will hold a license testing session in the Radio Display room next-door to the Wireless Room. Candidates will come aboard to take their exams for the Technician, General, and Amateur Extra licenses. Club members will also bring their ham radio go-kits aboard, operate them on the air, and demonstrate them to tourists.

The ship's radio gear will be on display on tables just outside the Wireless Room with our team available to share more information with guest passing through.