Chop-chop! It’s time to report for duty as the new line cook on board the world famous Queen Mary. However, all is not what it seems as the kitchens have gone dark and the smell of rank, rotting meat fills the air. From dinner service to the kitchens, the angry spirit of an evil Chef washes back from a watery grave to serve the high-class Queen Mary passengers of 1948. Face the souls of poisoned travelers, gruesome ship staff and of course, the horrific Chef now serving the living to the dead. Let The Feast begin. 


Chef, the most loyal yet gruesome spirit to be summoned by The Captain, has overtaken the kitchens once more to ensure the ship’s trapped souls are well fed. With more than two hundred spirits confined aboard the historic luxury liner, Chef is always looking for different flavors to add to his gore-filled cuisine.

After rumors of missing soldiers and crewmembers spread throughout the ship during WWII, all signs and trails of blood led back to the depths of the kitchens. Upon the realization that the crew had been eating human meat, mutiny arose, and Chef was brutally cast into his oven and left for dead. But now, he’s back. Next item on the menu? You. Be careful what you drink.


 A series of inhuman crimes tormented the Queen Mary passengers during a routine cross-Atlantic voyage in October of 1948. Follow the lead detective on the scene as he uncovers the evil truth behind one of the most notorious criminals to ever invade the luxury liner: Samuel the Savage. The investigation follows a sinister journey filled with terrifying twists and turns that point to the most infamous stateroom on the ship: B340. 

Samuel The Savage

The Queen Mary’s most sadistic resident, Samuel, is here to remind you: there is always more than meets the eye… Having made headlines around the world, only he has the answer to what truly happened on October 17th, 1948.

According to ship and police reports that fateful evening, Samuel was deranged and dangerous—not only to passengers and crew, but also to himself. After his brutal and bloody rampage against passengers and staff, Samuel was captured and locked in Stateroom B340 until the ship was docked the following day. When police arrived and entered the room, the blood-soaked walls, cruel carvings, and subsequent missing persons report launched a mystery that to this day remains unsolved.


It has been long rumored that Mary, the little girl who drowned in the Queen Mary First Class Swimming Pool in 1952, has haunted the dark corners of the luxury liner since her untimely demise. Many experts theorize the haunting derives from Mary’s spirit attaching itself to the little girl’s stuffed toy bear. Perhaps the bear holds the gloomy secrets behind the wicked ghost of Scary Mary and why she still sings her eternal Lullaby.

Scary Mary

Many spirits linger in the First-Class Swimming Pool, but Mary is the youngest of the ship’s collected souls—and the most playful. With her Teddy Bear in one hand, and the other reaching for you, she is always seeking new friends to play with, whom she can keep forever.

Though her life came to a tragic end after drowning aboard the ship in 1952, the sounds of an eternal lullaby and sightings of a young girl have taken over the ship once more. Mary’s untimely death launched international paranormal investigations that resulted in the presence of an ominous vortex near the changing rooms, acting as a crossing point for all spirits. When playing games with Mary, be sure she’s not leading you down a path from which you won’t return…


The Grey Ghost rises once again, set out on its annual ghastly voyage damned to its eternal battle on the living. With the fearless captain at the helm, guests will walk among the rusted carcass of the Grey Ghost as its full steam ahead into the flames of war. Those unfortunate enough to be caught in the ships warpath may either salute the captain or like an anchor, sink to the depths of the watery tombs.

Half Hatch

It has been rumored about the Ship and throughout Dark Harbor that only half of spine-chilling Henry’s story is known. An infamous daredevil, Henry’s reputation stems from his years aboard the ship as a crew fireman—before a deadly game of chicken inducted the severed soul into his eternal voyage.

Beneath the Captain, Half-Hatch Henry is now climbing the ranks, training others through seas of shrapnel under fiery skies. Once aboard the wreck of the sunken ship, Deadrise, only you will know whether you have what it takes to make it through the deep-sea bootcamp alive.


It’s the night before a dust-covered, rickety old circus opens to the public. Sneak beyond the curtains to unveil the horrors lurking within the shadows of the big top. Hosting a menagerie of monsters and sinister creatures, the one and only Ringmaster returns with unadulterated and unbelievable horrors for all who step inside Circus!


Though not a permanent resident of The Queen Mary, the Ringmaster’s annual return to Dark Harbor takes place upon The Captain’s orders—no matter how defiant they prefer to be. Ringmaster’s dust-covered wagons and Mills Circus rejects travel the country, on the hunt for children to add to this collection of freaks.

The freaks may come out at night, but The Ringmaster manipulates their strings. The only question is: who manipulates yours?


All Aboard! The Ghost Train Waits...A phantom coach forces the Queen Mary’s original ship builder to relive his wicked wrongdoings to shipyard mates, Scottish brethren and plagued family that led to the Iron Hell his soul rots away in. Follow the spine-chilling path to an evil sea witch where a deadly pact was made spawning the horrific half-metal, half-creature known as the Iron Master.

Iron Master

Renowned for building an unsinkable, stoic, and infamous ship, The Iron Master paved the way—and set the stage—for the many spirits who will never escape his beloved luxury liner, The Queen Mary. What too many seem to forget: everything comes at a cost. Betrayal of his loved ones, nerve-wracking insanity, and an eternal voyage were only a portion of the price.

After surviving the Great Depression and the spread of Leprosy, the voices in The Iron Master’s head lured him to the moment that would forever change his fate. Presented with immortality and success, his choice was made, and his flesh was exchanged with the steel from the only thing he ever cared about: his ship. Desperation, fear, and disgust have driven this half-metal, half-creature’s story… what drives yours?


The Captain

Having earned rank, power, and respect during his mortal life, The Captain is known as the most feared and fearless man of the seas during World War II. With his beloved ship permanently docked, the sole purpose of his spirit is to continue protecting The Queen Mary and her countless eternal passengers.
His rage and war strategies will swiftly remind you that you are simply a guest aboard his ship, and even the slightest step out of line may change your resting fate—forever. Do you have what it takes to follow his lead?

Graceful Gale

Floating upon a gentle breeze, this gracefully elegant, stunning woman learns all there is to know by simply gazing deeply into your unsuspecting eyes—as she attains control of your soul.

After years aboard the Ship leading the loves of her life to their unexpected, fleshless graves, Gale is hosting your lovely evening in the RIP LOUNGE. Only in her new gallery will you be able to see Dark Harbor… through her eyes.

Voodoo Priestess

Without her dancing flames or band of glowing gypsies, Voodoo Priestess could not control the dark magic flowing through the veins of Dark Harbor. Her nightly rituals balance more than simply chaos or energy: they fuel the control The Captain wields over the historic ocean-liner