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Diana: Legacy of a Princess, A Royal Exhibition

The Collection

Princess Diana will forever be remembered for her beauty, classic style, compassion, and charitable works. And even today, she continues to be an icon of inspiration to millions worldwide.

Diana: Legacy of a Princess sprawls over 13,000 square feet of the Queen Mary’s Sun Deck and captures Diana’s true essence, showcasing a priceless collection of her gowns and other cherished memorabilia.

Diana: Legacy of a Princess chronicles Diana’s private and public life from her days as a student at university, to her engagement and historic marriage to Prince Charles, to her reign as Princess of Wales and her extraordinary charity work, to her untimely demise. This very personal and rare exhibit includes many never before seen items and offers a more in-depth and up-close look into the life of a Princess everyone thought they knew.

Princess Diana Collection Includes:

  • An elegant dressing room display featuring nine of Princess Diana’s dresses and gowns
  • Designer-signed fashion sketches of Diana’s famous gowns
  • Handwritten letters and notes from Princess Diana and Prince Charles
  • Personal photographs of Prince Charles and Princess Diana
  • The hand-carved wooden bench that Prince Charles gave Diana as a wedding gift
  • Wedding items include the seating chart, invitations, “thank you” notes from the royal family and more
  • Recreation of Diana’s wedding bouquet
  • Listen to recorded messages that Diana left to her friend and confidant Simone Simmons
  • Doll collection recreating Diana’s many looks and styles

The Dresses

One of the highlights of Diana: Legacy of a Princess is the “Dress Room,” which consists of nine dresses that Princess Diana wore, including the a delicately beautiful pale floral-print silk taffeta evening dress that Diana wore to Australia's bicentennial celebration in 1988, a ball gown that she wore to the America’s Cup Ball and a jeweled evening gown that Diana wore to a Red Cross event.

Stunningly displayed and featuring a story behind each item, these iconic dresses have transcended pop culture becoming historical artifacts of the beloved princess. 

Also Part of the Exhibit...
A Look Inside the Royal Family

Diana: Legacy of a Princess, a Royal Exhibition is divided into three distinct sections: The Royal Family, Princess Diana and Diana’s Legacy.

In the Royal Family exhibit, guests will get an inside look at Queen Mary (for whom the ship was named), as well as King George, Queen Mother Elizabeth and Queen Elizabeth II, through personal documents, letters, newspapers, royal memorabilia and more.

Diana's Legacy

Diana’s legacy lives on in her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. Since marrying Kate Middleton, now the Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William’s popularity and presence has soared as they’ve become the most discussed royal couple since Princess Diana and Charles. Included in this stunning display is the see-through runway dress she wore in 2002 while a fashion student and a replica of the elegant blue dress she wore when her engagement to Prince William was announced.