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What is the SoCal Pass

Who can purchase the SoCal pass?
Our special annual pass, for Southern California Residents. SoCal Pass members also receive 3 hours of free parking each day they visit the ship for the full year. The pass is valid  one full year from the date of purchase, and is valid all normal operating days. 

Are there blackout dates or exclusions?
The SoCal Pass is not valid for Special Events which require a separate ticket. At this time, there are only two days which would be entirely excluded, July 4th and New Years Eve, so that we can prepare for our fabulous Signature Events. Blackout dates may be subject to change in the future and without notice.

Buying or Renewing Your SoCal Pass

If purchased online, how soon after purchase do I need to come in to redeem my pass?
You may come pick up your Photo ID Pass at anytime after your purchase. Note that the SoCal Pass begins at time of purchase, not when SoCal Pass card(s) are picked up.

Who can purchase the SoCal pass?
The SoCal Pass is available to purchase for Southern California residents within ZIP codes 90000-93599; proof of residency is required to register your photo ID card at our box office. We accept government issued photo ID’s illustrating your residency within that area, or a piece of US mail matching a photo ID for those guests who may have recently moved. 

Can a SoCal resident purchase a Pass for someone who resides outside of Southern California, like a visiting relative?
Yes, as long as one member of the purchasing party can show proof of residency. See above. 

Are there any SoCal Pass discounts?
If you are not a member and have already purchased one of our daily Passport Tickets or an Admission Ticket to one of our Signature Events, you can apply the portion of your admission receipt that will be covered by the SoCal Pass toward the cost of purchasing a SoCal Pass (valid on day of receipt at the Box Office, or one of our on-ship ticket locations only).
This discount cannot be applied online, over the phone, or by mail.

Do members receive discounts on Queen Mary Signature Event tickets?
We email our SoCal pass holders special discounts for select tickets and events throughout the year. Make sure your email address is accurate so that you receive the latest and best bargains!

Is SoCal Pass tax-deductible?
The Queen Mary is not a non-profit organization, so the SoCal Pass is not tax deductible.

Do I need to include a child age 4 or under on my SoCal Pass?
Children under the age of 4 are always free at the ship. You do not need to include your child on your SoCal Pass if he/she is age 4 or under. Once your child turns 4 years old they will require their own admission ticket or SoCal Pass to enter the ship with you.

What happens if I renew before my current SoCal Pass has expired?
When you renew before your current SoCal Pass has expired, we simply add a year to your current expiration date. You will not be penalized for renewing early.

Coming to the Ship

How do I bring a guest with me to the ship?
All guests entering the Queen Mary must have their own SoCal Pass, daily admission Passport ticket, or a prior reservation in the Hotel or one of our Dining outlets. Annual Pass members may bring two guests per named member per visit at a discounted rate of 10% off normal admission prices (member must be present, valid only at the Queen Mary Box Office). This discount also applies to SoCal passes, so your guests can enjoy flexible and affordable visits for a full year!

When will I receive my SoCal Pass cards?
Pick up your SoCal Pass card at any ship ticketing location. To save natural resources, we do not mail SoCal Pass cards. When you join or renew, come pick up your new SoCal Pass cards on your next visit to the ship. Just stop by the Box Office, Tour Center, 4D Theater, or any other ticket location. Your new photo card will allow you to bypass the ticketing windows on future visits and practically walk right in! Note your SoCal Pass begins at time of purchase, not when the cards are picked up.

Can I visit the ship before I pick up my SoCal Pass card?
YES! Just bring a copy of your photo ID and your online confirmation printout or e-ticket voucher as proof of SoCal Pass. If you renewed or purchased the same day, your SoCal Pass may be accessible by our gate staff in approximately two hours from purchase. Bring your photo ID and we will be happy to look you up.

I’ve lost my SoCal Pass card, what should I do?
You can order a new SoCal Pass card the next time you visit the ship. There is a $5 processing fee for replacement SoCal Pass cards. You will be required to show a photo ID matching your account information to receive a replacement pass.

Do members pay for parking?
SoCal Pass members receive 3 hours of free parking per visit, limit one visit per day. To receive your validation, bring your parking ticket to the ground level entrance, and submit along with your SoCal Pass card. Parking beyond three hours during your visit is subject to our public parking rates. (Please visit our PARKING AND DIRECTIONS page. Fees may change without notice.)

Do I receive guest passes?
In order to maintain our affordable low price, SoCal Pass members do not receive guest passes.

Gift SoCal Pass

Can I purchase a gift SoCal Pass?
You can purchase the SoCal Pass as a gift. When purchased online, you will be sent an online e-voucher for the SoCal Pass which can be either printed or emailed, and given to whomever you like. We will register the recipient upon redemption of the e-voucher at the Ship. Since we do not mail SoCal Pass cards, the recipient can pick up their SoCal Pass card during their next visit. Note that the SoCal Pass begins at time of purchase, not when SoCal Pass card(s) are picked up. 

What if I'm renewing a gift SoCal Pass?
You may purchase a renewal at any time, either online or in person at any Queen Mary ticketing location. It is the same price as an initial purchase, in an effort to maintain our affordable low price. When purchased online, you will be sent an online e-voucher for the SoCal Pass which can be either printed or emailed, and given to whomever you like. We will register the recipient’s additional year membership upon their next visit. 

Do I need to have my gift recipient's SoCal Pass account information in order to renew their SoCal Pass?
No. In an effort to make this process simple, your recipient need only present the e-voucher at the Box Office one of our Queen Mary Ticketing locations.

General Questions

When does my SoCal Pass expire?
SoCal Passes expire one year, or 365 Days from the original date of purchase. Note that the SoCal Pass begins at time of purchase, not when SoCal Pass card(s) are picked up. Please contact us if you'd like to know your expiration date, or stop by the Queen Mary Box Office. 

Can a name on my SoCal Pass be changed?
The Queen Mary SoCal Pass is non-transferable. Name changes can be made only when you renew your SoCal Pass. You may renew your SoCal Pass at any time and not lose any time on your SoCal Pass. 

All SoCal Pass purchases are final and SoCal Pass cards and associated privileges are non-transferable. No refunds will be issued for any reason including non-use. SoCal Passes start at time of purchase, not when member cards are picked up. Your expiration date will be a year from the purchase date, or if you are renewing early, a year will be added to your current expiration date. For the enjoyment of all guests, the Queen Mary may refuse admission, reserve the right to control occupancy, or expel any person whose conduct endangers or disrupts other guests patrons, crew members, tours, or activities. If you have questions, please contact our Guest Service Team at (877) 342-0742.