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The Historic Queen Mary Welcomes a New Generation Aboard!

* Queen Mary Attractions (Tours and Exhibits)  will be closed on August 5th.

 Working together to develop meaningful connections between the past, present, and future, the Queen Mary Heritage Foundation and the Long Beach Unified School District have partnered to develop standards-based education programs that connect to STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics).  These programs will be designed to enrich all age groups through active participation and interactive experiences. 

Full Steam Ahead: The Queen Mary Project

Queen Mary tours begin with a brief movie that sets the stage for the historic Queen and highlight areas of inquiry and investigation for field trip participants. 

3-5th Grade Full STEAM Ahead guided tour

Queen Mary docents will introduce students to the ship and her history as they learn about the transfer of energy and harnessing the power of steam.  Participants will observe how the discoveries of the past have helped shape the future.

3-5th Grade Classroom Activity Energy at Sea

After a discussion of how the Queen Mary is powered, student groups will engineer their own boats and compete with classmates to test their seaworthiness and speed.

4-8th Grade Ellis Island Experience

(offered on Wednesdays)

Queen Mary docents will lead students in a role-playing exercise that transports students back in time and simulates an ocean crossing onboard the Queen Mary’s older sister the Mauretania.  A brief film sets the stage for an interactive role-playing simulation of what it was like for immigrants coming to the United States through Ellis Island.  Students will experience going through the immigration process, including a medical examination, interviewing with a legal inspector and ultimately, facing deportation, detainment or entry into the United States.


Additional Onboard learning opportunities include:

  • World’s longest LEGO@Brick Model Ship of the Queen Mary in the Shipyard Room
  • Ship Gallery with ship-builder models
  • The Queen Mary Story Historic Exhibit- a visual narrative of the ship’s history
  • Original artifacts, frescoes, and other designs from the Art Deco period
  • Hands-on exploration of a living landmark from a bygone era
  • 4-D movies are also available



  • $5 admission per student includes unlimited self-guided exploration
  • $7 student admission with movie, plus 1 hour Full STEAM Ahead tour or Energy at Sea classroom activity
  • $12 student admission with movie and Ellis Island Experience
  • 1 adult chaperone is free for every 10 paid students, additional adult chaperones are encouraged and will be offered student rate.
  • Free bus parking and dedicated area for students to eat lunch


For More Info Please Contact:

EMAIL:  PHONE: 562) 499-1718

Please note: Due to the historic nature of the vessel we are unable to guarantee access to any specific room or location on our tours, Also not all areas are easily accessible by guests with mobility issues.