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Transport yourself back in time aboard the legendary Queen Mary. Once the grandest ocean liner in the world, the Queen Mary is now a full-service Long Beach hotel, historical landmark, and entertainment venue. The Queen Mary gives visitors a unique glimpse into a bygone era when steamships were the most regal way to travel.


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Don't miss Dark Harbor as the Calendar continues to creep toward Halloween - check out SOCAL's only haunt fest that is actually haunted

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Feb. 14 and 15 kicks off the Scottish Festival and Highland Games season offering guests a glimpse into Scotland’s rich culture and history featuring an array of activities from Highland athletics and dancing to Lowlands music and cuisine...MORE

The Tea Room at The Queen Mary

Enjoy tea time, anytime at the Queen Mary Tea Room. Inspired by authentic British afternoon tea, the Queen Mary Tea Room offers a unique dining experience without the formal setting of traditional tea rooms...TEA FOR TWO

Attractions at Night

When the sun goes down, the spirits aboard the Queen Mary come out to play. Explore the legendary ship with a series of twilight tours that explore the haunted past and paranormal activity that the Queen Mary is known for...MORE

Queen Mary Preservation

The Queen Mary strives to create a truly unique and authentic experience for its guests and works closely with ship historians on various renovations and preservation projects. You can support these preservation efforts by becoming an annual member...SUPPORT THE QUEEN MARY