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Sir Winston's 

As completed in 1936 this area located above the famed Verandah Grill was an open deck that allowed a great, but windy view over the ship’s stern. In an early pre-war refit this bit of superstructure was added to give the engineering officers better accommodations with light and air which their engine and boiler rooms below couldn’t offer them. After her retirement from sea service this lofty expanse was turned into Sir Winston’s.

Upon completion this Spring, much quality attention and detail will have been paid to this part of the Queen Mary. This includes steel work on the upper top of deck housing, high quality marine paint, a modern 21st century heating and air conditioning plant, a beautiful new streamline period appropriate ceiling, a thorough polishing of the mahogany paneling and many new galley upgrades. Furthermore, the original fittings such as the lighting fixtures on the walls repurposed to Sir Winston’s when it was first opened as well as the African cherry wood Steinway, have been retained!


A Deck Forward

Originally known as the Third Class Smoking Room located on “A” Deck Forward, this space was converted by Long Beach City to an exhibit space during the 1970’s. In 2016, this room hosted Passion for Painting: The Art of Winston Churchill Exhibition.

While renovations were underway, the original wood walls (seen here) and seating areas were discovered, restored, and displayed!

In preparation for a new 2017 exhibit, this area has undergone wood veneer restoration and the installation of an original light fixture (also, seen here). A necessary ceiling repair was added to the scope and water leaks from the deck above were identified and repaired to protect the wood veneers.



Take a look back at some of our many recently completed projects.

Midship Market Place

Located within the Long Gallery, the Midship’s Bar was added in the early 1960’s. Known then as the Midship’s Bar and Lounge, the cocktail bar was located port side in the center portion of the Long Gallery. As part of the new cocktail bar design, the painting "The Mills Circus" by Dame Laura Knight was relocated from a private dining room on R Deck to the Midships’ Bar rear wall. The original Midship’s Bar’s green curved counter featured a decorative motif of Greek keys. This forward portion of the Long Galley has operated as a food and beverage outlet since the early 1970’s.

This new space - Midship Marketplace - has been themed to honor the Midship’s Bar by incorporating colors and related design themes and use of the Greek key pattern both in the floor tile and in the new counter. Working with recommendations from an art conservator, the painting "the Mills Circus" has been proudly installed behind the counter in celebrating the design theme of the original Midship's Bar. Additionally, the original decorative etched glass divider has been reinstalled and the original wall clock restored. The original painting "Sussex Landscape" by Bertram Nicholls remains a prominent feature at the forward end of the Midship Marketplace. Also, the original ceiling light fixtures remain. Future rehabilitation plans for this area include the reproduction and installation of the wall sconces.


The new Queen Mary Hotel Gym design was inspired from the original First Class Gym located on Sun Deck. The original gym flooring was Korkroid similar to linoleum, designed in large marbleized squares of black and white in a checker-board pattern. The walls were made of multiple veneers, which were in different shades allowing a wonderful dark to light horizontal shading appearance to the walls.

To accomplish the original design theme, the new gym will have black and white linoleum squares with the same marble pattern as the original. The walls are painted three horizontal graduated color shades to honor the same design theme of the original wood veneers. Historic photographs of the original gyms aboard will hang in our new gym as well.

Additionally, two new exhibit rooms will be visible from the stairway landing at the entry to the gym. These rooms will contain original gym equipment along with a vintage photographs and interpretive boards allowing. These exhibit spaces will allow guests to view the archives and lean more about guests exercised and stayed healthy while aboard during crossings!

Observation Bar

Recently completed phase II Observation Bar Restoration program includes the restoration and installation of the original ceiling fixtures (etched light glass), the reproduction and installation of the original Back Bar Door, the repair of the original red and green lantern back bar light fixtures, the painting of the interior columns, the repair and cleaning of the clocks and the reproduction of the seven original bar stools. The unique round "eye-ball" ceiling light fixtures are under restoration for installation as well. Flooring options are also under evaluation. Soon, the original employee back-bar door will be reinstalled, lighting contained in the recessed cornice will be installed, and refinishing of the four pylons will be completed.