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Preserving a Historic Icon - 2014 Update

We are pleased to announce a Request for Proposal for a comprehensive Marine Survey of the Queen Mary was circulated on Dec. 16, 2013. Working with the City of Long Beach, a qualified marine survey team was chosen and the survey work began in early March 2014.

The Marine Survey is a project recommended within the Conservation Management Plan and will provide insight as to the current status of the Queen Mary hull and critical systems and related recommendations for future conservation and preservation projects.

Another project scheduled to begin in early 2014 is the Side Shell Replacement project. Located port and starboard on Promenade Deck, the Side Shell is in need of replacement and identified by the City of Long Beach as a priority qualified project. We will be working with the City of Long Beach to secure all necessary review and approvals to carry out the project in accordance historic preservation, restoration, reconstruction and rehabilitation standards.

We are pleased to announce the historic preservation projects which will be funded by the proceeds from the 2013 Art Deco Festival. The projects include the condition assessment, cleaning and consolidation of the “The Sea” and “Dressed Overall at the Quay” paintings located in the Royal Salon and “The Royal Jubilee Week” painting located in the Observation Bar. The proceeds in the amount of $17,011 received from the Queen Mary are from the various activities during the 2013 Queen Mary Art Deco Festival including Art Deco Ball, Horse Racing Game and contributions from the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles in the amount of $1500 and the Art Deco Society of California in the amount of $1000.

The projects are identified in the Conservation Management Plan and will be evaluated with the City of Long Beach for all necessary reviews and approvals.

All work will be conducted by a qualified art conservator approved by The City of Long Beach and Queen Mary.