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The Queen Mary During WWII

  • War Service

    March 1940 - September 1946

  • Did you know?

    On August 30, 1939, the Queen Mary departed on her last peacetime voyage. The following day the Nazis invaded Poland and for safety reasons the Queen Mary was ordered to run a zigzag course under blackout conditions. Comedian Bob Hope was one of the celebrities onboard during this final voyage before the start of WWII.

  • Nickname during War

    The Grey Ghost

  • Military Personnel Transported


  • Max Troop Capacity (at one time)

    16,683 American troops (from New York to Great Britain, a standing record for the most passengers ever transported on one vessel).

  • G.I. Brides and Children Transported

    12,886 (over 13 voyages)

  • Did you know?

    Adolph Hitler offered $250,000 and the Iron Cross to any U-boat Captain that could sink the Queen Mary.

  • October 2, 1942

    The Queen Mary collided with the Curacoa, which was acting as escort, and cut the smaller cruiser in half. The Curacoa was found at fault for the accident as the Queen Mary followed her typical zigzag course to avoid German U-boats.

  • Miles Sailed

    569,429 miles (916,407 km)

  • Did you know?

    The Queen Mary was the largest and fastest troopship during WWII.

  • Resumed Peacetime Passenger Service

    July 31, 1947

  • Did you know?

    Winston Churchill traveled on the Queen Mary three times during WWII and considered it his headquarters at sea. In fact, he even signed the D-Day Declaration onboard.

    Winston Churchill said, “Built for the arts of peace and to link the old world with the new, the Queens challenged the fury of Hitlerism in the battle of the Atlantic. Without their aid, the day of final victory must unquestionably have been postponed.”