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Our anniversary year is full with so many different performances and demonstrations, you’ll never have a moment to waste!
With the return of herding, dancing, the highland games, marching, and live performances, The Queen Mary wants you to truly immerse yourself in the culture of the Scots! Come and experience all the amazing entertainment filled with professional athletes, dancers, and reenactments!

You can’t have a Scottish festival without a true Scottish pub! New this year, Greyfriar’s Pub brings guests straight to a backstreet of Edinburgh with cold pints, warm atmosphere, and lots of whisky. Come aboard our ship after the festivities to enjoy some drinks and have more fun!  Open from 5:30PM till 12AM*, a true pop-up Scottish experience awaits you! *Last Call at 11PM

New this year to ScotsFestival is an amazing show bringing the history and view of falconry to The Queen Mary! Including hawks, owls, and falcons, come learn about the amazing Scottish history of these birds of prey and enjoy a twenty-minute long show featuring all these animals! With three shows a day, come experience the Birds of Prey!

Come and enjoy a truly one-of-a-kind experience as Chef Mcbride joins us once more to show guests how to make traditional Scottish dishes and some new dishes as well! This year with fresh ingredients, Chef is going to be making fresh true to the bone haggis right in front of guests’ eyes! Even better, once the cooking is done, guests will be able to take a bite and enjoy!

A truly special moment shared with our ScotsFestival founder; join us for our traditional Kirkin held within the Chapel on board with beautiful piano music to accompany! Beginning at 9:00AM Sunday morning, come join us for the lovely Kirkin’ o’ the Tartans.

There’s nothing quite like watching the amazing tradition of Sheepherding that is still thriving to this day! With amazingly trained collies and other breeds working and weaving, experts on herding walk guests through an amazing show of skill! With three demos a day, do not miss out on this truly beautiful tradition!

A truly distinct part of Scottish culture comes from the amazing piping bands, drummers, and marchers that come to the Queen Mary to represent the Scottish culture like nothing else can! With our grand parade, and competitors that fill the air with bagpiping all day, there is no missing one of the most popular draws to our event!

Enjoy both men and women perform a variety of traditional Scottish dances, including the Highland Fling, the Sword Dance and even the Scottish Lilt. 

With beautiful traditions brought from Scotland all the way to Long Beach we are proud to host some of the most talented Celtic dancers as they compete and show the amazing beauty of the Scottish culture!

Step onto the stage of world-class competitive athletics at its finest!

Watch the amazing competitors in our Highland Games represent the true metal of the Scottish traditions. With amazing feats like the caber toss, hammer throw, throwing of the weight and so much more, come see and experience the true strength of the Highlanders!