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The Spirits of Dark Harbor

These terrifying spirits have risen from their quiet and dark corners of the ship to raise hell for Dark Harbor. They are reclaiming their ship and harbor from us mortals. We are all just visitors and we are at their mercy. Here is a peak in to the stories of these spirits:

The Captain
Half Hatch Henry
Graceful Gale
Samuel the Savage
Scary Mary
The Ringmaster
Voodoo Priestess

The Captain

The Captain of the Grey Ghost has risen from the dark corners of The Queen Mary to reclaim Dark Harbor for the rightful spirits of the ship.

The Captain is the spirit of the most feared captain to serve aboard The Grey Ghost during WWII. He is a fierce warrior and fearless leader. He is the captain of Dark Harbor and all of the spirits who haunt it.

During his mortal life, he was dedicated to The Queen Mary. He would stop at nothing to protect his troops aboard The Grey Ghost. Now in his life after death, he is a strong spirit who will protect the ship and all of the rightful spirits aboard the ship and in the harbor at ANY cost - even if it means collecting more souls to serve in his army of spirits.

Beware his rage and fierce strength and warlike strategies...he may just choose you to serve along side his vicious spirits.

Half Hatch Henry

Meet Half Hatch Henry, who took the dare of a lifetime aboard the Queen Mary and never disembarked.

Half Hatch Henry is the spirit of a young adventurous firefighter who died aboard the ship in 1966.

On a dare with his buddies, Henry dangerously bounded over the threshold of one of the watertight hatch doors. Henry only made it back and forth between the threshold six times and on the seventh daring leap, hatch door No. 13 slammed closed, crushing Henry.

The young, handsome and adventurous Henry can be seen throughout Dark Harbor - but be warned - Henry is tricky and just when you think you know what to expect, the spirit of this dare devil will show up to turn things inside out.

Graceful Gale

Graceful Gale, the first class Mistress of Queen Mary is looking for her SOULMATE. Gale, like a gust of wind, floats through Dark Harbor sweeping through the souls of the mortal. In the late 1930s, Gale was the belle of The Queen Mary. She was a beautiful first class passenger known for her charm and her graceful way around the dance floor. Men lined up to dance with her, women envied her beauty and elegance.

In 1939 Gale made her final passage across the Atlantic aboard The Queen Mary. No one knows what mysteries surround her disappearance. She was welcomed aboard the ship in May of 1939, however when the ship reached her destination, Gale had vanished. To this day there is no evidence or clues to solve the disappearance of the lovely lady.

However, her spirit has remained aboard this vessel. She can be seen gliding gracefully around the ship. If you are lucky enough to see her, she may extend her hand for a dance. But dance with caution, for her charm has been known to captivate and capture many souls of the mortals...and her darkest secret lives on. In death, she tears apart the living and reassembles her victims to create the perfect dance partner.

Maybe you will be her next victim as you make your way through her tortured maze.

Samuel the Savage

On a 1948 Atlantic voyage, third-class passenger Samuel was locked away in room B340 after a violent outburst.

The enraged Samuel went on a spree of violence, brutally killing several other passengers. While locked away in B340, Samuel tore apart the room in anger. When crew finally opened the door to B340, Samuel was found violently ripped apart and dead.

It is unknown if Samuel was brutally murdered while contained in his room, or if he is responsible for his own violent demise. In death, Samuel is even more cruel and dangerous.

Now his soul is held permanently in B340..and he is fighting to escape. He's a tortured soul and WILL come after you if you cross his one is safe.

Scary Mary

Scary Mary, Dark Harbor’s youngest soul, has haunted the ship ever since her horrible drowning in the poolroom in 1952.

Before her death she was a sweet and playful child. In the spirit world, Scary Mary is in search of a playmate...a living soul that can join her for eternity. She can be spotted throughout Dark Harbor, but the now closed off swimming pool room is her favorite haunt.

She has been known to playfully pull hair, to skip and laugh around the pool, and to play a vicious game of tag.

Be warned, if you experience an encounter with the playful spirit, she may have just chosen you to join her in the vortex of life and death.

Proceed with caution - this may be your last journey through Dark Harbor as a mortal soul.

The Ringmaster

Monster of Ceremonies for Dark Harbor’s Circus! This monstrous master of dread has ripped into Dark Harbor to lead us all in a nightmare of spectacle and horrific celebration. This terrifying monster has brought with her to Dark Harbor her circus of monsters, freaks, and the truly outrageous.

The Ringmaster and her spectacle of spirits travel the world and time in a circus of lost souls and freaks. Damned for eternity, they bring to life nightmares never before seen. The Ringmaster and her gang are gracing The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor by orders of The Captain! Beware; these truly lost spirits are looking for mortal freaks to join their circus of the damned!

The Voodoo Priestess

Emerging from the swamps of the doomed Voodoo Village is a horrific and powerful creature, the Voodoo Priestess. All must beware of her powers as she controls all mortal and spirit souls with her collection of dangerous dolls.

The Voodoo Priestess is as old as time. She was created out of the spirits of the southern swamp and embodies all that is dark, magic and deadly. Centuries ago, she was the ruler of all the living dead and the walking spirits in the swamps of the Bayou. Leading a band of dead gypsies and horrifying witch doctors, the Priestess and her league of death were unstoppable, creating terror and torture to all the living that dared enter their swamp.