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The Captain and his horrific armada of ghosts are conjuring up a haunted carnival of chilling spectacles and spirits to frighten even the bravest of souls whom dare enter Dark Harbor.

Once a mortal is brazen enough to penetrate this port of purgatory through a fog-filled tunnel of cargo containers concealing monsters - a choice of six haunted mazes awaits...and they’ll leave you screaming for more.

Three new mazes have been erected in 2014 - Soulmate, Voodoo Village and B340 - and back by popular demand are Deadrise, Submerged and Circus, a trio of terrifying mazes haunted by more than 200 monsters.

A troika of mazes exist aboard the haunted Queen Mary - permanently moored here at Dark Harbor - taking you through some of the most active paranormal areas aboard the ship. The remaining triad of mazes are located throughout the haunted port: in the deadly dome where Howard Hughes' Spruce Goose once was housed, the terrifying village and of course the spooky shipping containers that are transported to this haunted port.

Enter the mazes of Dark Harbor and you’re walking into the best haunt in Los Angeles.

Last year’s new terrifying maze is returning for another scare! Since the true spirits of the Queen Mary have risen, The Captain has conjured up a haunted circus to celebrate their victory. And with this circus comes The Queen Mary’s very own big top tent inside the deadly dome! Here you will face your greatest fears as you find your way through disorienting illusions, fatally horrific magic and circus wonders never before imagined!

Deadrise is a WWII escort ship that helped guide The Grey Ghost through enemy-infested waters. After a fatal crash during one of their dangerous voyages, Deadrise sank to the bottom and has been resting in her watery grave in the depths of the sea ever since. The wreckage of Deadrise has once again been called into service by the star of Dark Harbor, The Captain, to escort him and his armada of ghosts and monsters into a battle against the living to reclaim Dark Harbor

Ring around the rosey, a pocket full of nightmares. The new Lullaby maze takes the visitor on a spine tingling trip through the story of little Scary Mary. Gone, but certainly not forgotten, Mary’s looking for playmates to join her on the other side of hell. Will you succumb to the youngster’s pranks and tricks, or will you escape with your soul intact? 

In Soulmate, the story of Gale unravels as her true spirit is revealed. Gale is not as graceful as she appears, she is haunting The Queen Mary in order to lure suitors into her possession. Once she captures the hearts of these men, she will have her adoring minions cut them up and reassemble them, trying to create for Gale the "perfect man."



B340 is a schizophrenic journey of Samuel the Savage’s decent into insanity. We go through his mind literally and figuratively, ultimately concluding where his life was ended through a mirage of B340s. He’s on the loose, he’s dangerous, and he is out of his mind! Heck, through this maze, you may just lose your mind as well.


The traveling gypsies of the Ringmaster’s Circus have taken over The Village of the Damned. Along with the powers of their leader - The Voodoo Priestess - they are casting spells and creating dangerous ceremonies that will take you through a Voodoo nightmare. Enter the Gypsies’ sanctuary if you dare...but be careful, if you are lucky enough to survive the southern crypt of death - you will be face to face with the deadly swamp!

Don’t be afraid to peek behind the curtain. Our all new Side Show of Freaks and Oddities gives you a glimpse into the secretive world of our side show circus performers. Enjoy a cocktail and take in a performance by one of our oddities as they put their highly unusual talents on display for your enjoyment.