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One of the exciting things about Dark Harbor is all of the crazy entertainment happening outside of the mazes.

CLICK HERE for the Dark Harbor map. | Important Parking information and Prohibited items - PLEASE READ.

So much to do. All over the park, there is always something to see.

Adventurous guests can enjoy the all-new Monster Midway - the centerpiece of Dark Harbor - where zombies, food, and entertainment intertwine. Guests can chance the Mechanical Monster, check out the newest Dark Harbor ride - the Sinister Swings - which we got from Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch (yes you read that right) - and brave the Freak show, exposing even more freaks than ever before including the harrowing Beast.

Dark Harbor will also feature stage shows that spotlight timeless characters as well as the fresh presence of the feared Voodoo Priestess and her lackeys. LED hula hoopers, live musical entertainment, costume contests, holiday celebrations, and drag shows will enhance the spine-tingling experience.

In 2013, The Captain conjured up a haunted circus to celebrate the spirits of The Queen Mary. The freak show was a brand-new attraction that the circus brought to the Harbor. This year it is back with some new horrible freaks and experiences. Sneak a peak at the new freaks of Dark Harbor and experience all new scares.

You will never guess what’s waiting for you inside the containers of freaks ant the museum of oddities: Sparky, The White Ghost, Shadow Spirit, Sheldon the Shrunken Head, The Living Voodoo Doll, Deformed Demon, The Twins and The Crabman joining the returning White Ghost and the Shadow Spirit.

But be on look out - The Beast is loose!

RIDES - $5
In addition to Dark Harbor's six terrifying mazes, our exclusive encounters and the freak shows, Dark Harbor has added terrifying rides sure to scare the ship out of you.

Wild, Bucking Monster Ride: Can you survive 8 seconds on Dark Harbor’s Wild Bucking Monster?

The Sinister Swings:
Where did we get the swings at Dark Harbor? Neverland Ranch. You read that right. We have Michael Jackson's swing. Don't stop till you get enough!


The Monster Midway will be full of surprises and scares, games, food, rides, a Hookah Lounge, a new bar...Dark Harbor presents harrowing entertainment and special ghoulish events throughout the season. A nightly show on the main stage welcomes the Queen Mary spirits showing off their terrifying talents with magic acts, circus performances, monster dance parties, fire breathing, live bands, DJs and the Dark Harbor Sliders performing the Slider Olympics down slider alley.


Through out each evening, check out what's going on at the Dark Harbor stage.

Main Stage Cast Show: Meet the Queen Mary spirits - the true spirits of the ship that have risen from their dark corners to haunt Dark Harbor. Their stories are terrifying; you won’t want to miss this.

The Drag Show: Special performances from Jewels will be returning this year with an all-new show. There will be two chances during the run of the event to catch this fun show. First, come celebrate pride with us as we host "LGBT Night" at Dark Harbor on Sunday, Oct. 4th as well as Halloween night as they perform and host our costume contest.

Costume Contest: That’s right folks Dark Harbor on Halloween night will host a costume contest where you can enter for a chance to win CASH. But make sure you bring in your waiver.

Other Stage Performances and Circus Acts: Also on our main stage, you can watch nightly magic acts and circus performances and join the monster dance party at the end of the night. And the entertainment doesn’t stop there - catch some intimate spooky circus acts on our Voodoo Village stage and don’t miss the wild fire-breathing acts on our Monster Midway fire stage.

Dark Harbor Sliders: Performing slider Olympics - twice nightly down slider alley.

Bands and DJs: And if all of this wasn’t enough for you...DJs will be keeping you entertained nightly between all of the live shows. For all of our entertainment and events - check out the Dark Harbor Calendar.

Dark Harbor music composed by Jaymie Valentine. You can read up on her here. Also check out her killer music video...Yeah she fits right in here at Dark Harbor!