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Step inside our frozen igloo and immerse yourself in an enchanting world of ice and enjoy a California Christmas - handmade entirely out of ice.

Our 13,000-square foot winter wonderland features over 2 million pounds of ice as each exhibit is meticulously created by an international team of expert ice sculptors and enhanced with stunning lights and colors for a visually captivating experience unlike any other.

This holiday season, The Ice Kingdom allows guests to get their taste of what the holidays are like in the Golden State. And don't miss the new and improved Ice Kingdom Queen Mary slides! Each guests can have unlimited access to the 10-foot, four-lane ice slides.

Don’t forget to grab a parka and gloves – temperatures drop to a numbing 9-degrees in our igloo. (We do provide public parkas - CHILD SMALL to ADULT XL - but guests are welcome to bring their own hats, jackets and gloves).

E.L.F. (Express Lane Fast) Passes will also be available for $15 to cut in line at the entrance to the Ice Kingdom (also valid for the Ice Tubing lanes). Save time and cut in line!

Our California Christmas begins with...

Upon entering the Ice Kingdom, guests will be greeted with the blooming poinsettia, as no flower says Christmas like the beautiful poinsettia. And did you know that 80 percent of all the World's poinsettias are grown here in Southern California? Bet you didn't!

Shaq-sized toy soldiers (over seven-feet tall) protect our traditional Christmas plants at our Poinsettia Entrance.

Guests can then wonder through the Candy Cane Forest with 10-foot candy canes! Yum.

And nothing says California like surfing - check out our giant Surfing Santa shredding 20-foot waves!

Back to work for Santa though as the holidays near - enjoy our Giant Christmas Tree with tons of gifts for good boys and girls...and look who we caught in action with his head coming down the chimney...could it be?

...Jolly Old St. Nicholas is seen Rooftop with his reindeer - a great photo op for the kiddos!

A break in the action...enjoy the new Queen Mary Slides - now with four lanes!

No Christmas is complete without the Nativity Scene...but look out - because the Penguins are on the loose.

Finally we venture into our Fairytale Kingdom - with the Ice Queen.

As we exit - we celebrate the season - with Holiday Greetings to all!

Please note: Strollers are not allowed inside the Ice Kingdom exhibit. There is stroller parking located just outside of the exhibit. The exhibit is ADA friendly. We provide public parkas - but guests are welcome to bring their own jackets and gloves.