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New in 2013

An all-new horrific spectacle to celebrate the rise of The Queen Mary’s spirits.

Dark Harbor 2012 brought us the fierce spirits of The Queen Mary with The Captain giving power to the spirits aboard the ship to rise from their darkest corners to haunt the living. Now to ring in 2013, the most terrifying year of the century, The Captain and his horrific armada of ghosts are conjuring up a haunted carnival of chilling spectacles and spirits. With this carnival come freaks and sideshows. A brand new maze – CIRCUS. Special performances and entertainment from an all-new cast of circus freaks and monsters. And a fierce new character - The Ringmaster - to lead the nightmare. Join us in celebrating the rise of the dead with The Captain's Circus.

At this deadly carnival you will face your worst nightmares...

Meet the newest character of Dark Harbor - The Ringmaster - as she orchestrates the deadliest show on earth. See this fierce monster nightly as she opens the gates of Dark Harbor and leads the freaks and monsters through the nightmare of celebration and this link - if you dare - to meet the Ringmaster.


The new terrifying maze for 2013. Come experience the horror under The Queen Mary’s very own big top tent inside the deadly dome. The heart of The Captain’s Carnival. Face your greatest fears as you find your way through disorienting illusions, fatally horrific magic, and circus wonders never before imagined. Just watch your step... the knife thrower is loose and one wrong turn could trap you eternally inside the circus of the dead.

Step right up to see the freaks. Sneak a peak at the five new freaks of Dark Harbor & experience all new scares never before attempted at Dark Harbor. But Beware. These aren’t just any scares. You will never guess what’s waiting for you inside the containers of freaks - Headless Hannah, Human Crab, Sparky, The White Spirit and the Shadow Spirit. But be on look out for the Twins and The Beast, whom roam freely amongst our Freak Shows. Step right up.

See if you can you survive 8 seconds on Dark Harbor’s Wild Bucking Monster?

If the madness and the rush of the mazes and the monsters at Dark Harbor leave you mad... take a leap off the ship and into the terrors below as you rush through the event on Dark Harbor’s high-speed zip line.
* additional tickets required for entry/participation. Purchase tickets at haunted ticket booths around the park.

Come and experience the Haunted Hookah Lounge for the first time at The Queen Mary's Dark Harbor. The hookah lounge will be decked out in Halloween scare and a ghoulish bar...for more information on So Cal Hookahs, visit their website.